History of Sirois Leather

In 1923 Joseph L. Sirois Sr., at the age of 16, began his lifelong career in the leather industry as an employee at the Natahan H. Poor Leather factory in Peabody Massachusetts producing sheepskin leather for the shoe industry.

In the early years, during the great depression, he worked his way up through the ranks of the company, learning each of the machines used in manufacturing. Having an interest in the changing sciences of tanning, he studied chrome tanning, then a new way to convert skin into leather. He developed a unique process specific to making linings for the vibrant shoe industry of the time.

On October 1, 1940, he joined his partner Louis Gleason, to form Gleason Leather Company, Inc. in Peabody, Mass. For the next 23 years they combined their sales and manufacturing talents, supplying finished leather to quality shoe and garment houses in the US.  When his partner passed away in 1963, he founded Sirois Leather, Inc. and began making leather in the very same tannery building that he started in 40 years prior.

His sons, Henry and Richard joined the company in the 60’s , working  together with their father, to make Sirois Leather a name known worldwide for innovative and quality leathers for the shoe, garment and accessory manufacturers.  With tannery and finishing plants in New Zealand, Rockland, Maine, Newburyport , Mass. and Peabody, Mass.

Richard, (Dick) Sirois continued the production of leather, after environmental and labor cost demands closed the US based factories of his family business. Founding Ram Leather Company, www.Ramleatherco.com  in 1985, he continues today, producing the same quality Leathers in the US on cow, sheep and goat.  With an emphasis of “made in the USA”, his domestic leathers are made at Law Tanning in Milwaukee, WI.  

Today, Joseph Sirois' grandson (Rich) has taken his family's legacy and expanded into finished products along with leather sales and contract services.  Sirois Leather is able to provide exclusive leathers through its industry connections and truly offer world class products to the marketplace.